Jenkins doesn't start using Java 11

We recently upgraded to Jenkins v2.319.3. We then tried to switch to Java 11 (OpenJDK 11). We run on RHEL 8 VM. We uninstalled the OpenJDK 8 and installed OpenJDK 11 so it was the only Java on the VM. After the change, when we try to start Jenkins, we see no process start and we see nothing written to the logs. We can uninstall OpenJDK 11 and install OpenJDK 8, and Jenkins will start with no issues.

Anyone have any ideas why we are seeing his behavior? I know we have a couple more LTS versions that support Java 8. We are moving to 2.332.4 next week, and we would like to get the migration to Java 11 accomplished as well if possible.

I appreciate any ideas/suggestions.


If you do not have logs the error is probably in how you start the Jenkins service, try to start it manually to check if you can figure out what happens

BTW v2.319.3 is really old 2022-02-09 think to update to the latest LTS instead 2.332.4 which is really old too 2022-06-22, if you need a reason take a look at Security Advisories

Please try to launch Jenkins via a java -war command with JDK11, and see if it’s complaining.