Jenkins on Ubuntu- sercrets

Why can’t I enter into ‘sercrets’?

jenkins $ ls
config.xml                                                   nodeMonitors.xml
hudson.model.UpdateCenter.xml                                nodes
hudson.plugins.git.GitTool.xml                               plugins
identity.key.enc                                             secret.key
jenkins.install.InstallUtil.lastExecVersion                  secret.key.not-so-secret
jenkins.install.UpgradeWizard.state                          secrets
jenkins.model.JenkinsLocationConfiguration.xml               updates  userContent
jenkins.telemetry.Correlator.xml                             users
jobs                                                         workflow-libs
jenkins $ cd secrets
-bash: cd: secrets: Permission denied
jenkins $ chmod +x secrets
chmod: changing permissions of 'secrets': Operation not permitted

Thank you

That’s not really a Jenkins question.

I would recommend looking at your user (id) and the directory info (ls -ld secrets).

It could be something like you originally started Jenkins as root and it made that folder and your user isn’t root.

Or permissions somehow got to deny everyone.

Or there’s disk corruption.