Securing the Jenkins master key in Linux or Windows

Are there any methods that you can share for securing the encryption controller key> Our security group has concerns over the unencrypted controller key in the home directory, and I am not sure how to address that at the moment.
I am curious how others manage the security of a Jenkins server/s.

Thanks in advance.

For the Windows side, if you install using the installer, only the user who Jenkins is running as should have access to that directory. Obviously, administrators could add themselves, but the default should be pretty locked down on that side. I am not sure on the Linux side what the permissions are setup as, but I would think it should be similar.

On the Linux side you pretty much do the same.
From the sounds of it, there isn’t too much concern over the controller encryption keys in the Jenkins home directory.
More of a secure the OS side, and use general best practices.