Jenkins not picking custom JNLP Image in Kubernetes cluster

Jenkins setup:

Jenkins: 2.426.3
OS: Linux - 5.15.0-91-generic
Java: 17.0.9 - Eclipse Adoptium (OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM)
Running Jenkins on Kubernetes Cluster
Installed Jenkins using Helm Charts
Creating Agent/Pods using Kubernetes Plugin


I’ve deployed Jenkins using Jenkins Official Helm Charts on Kubernetes cluster, and have configured Kubernetes plugin to launch pods for any job or build on Jenkins.
I have a private container registry i.e. Harbor where I downloaded the official inbound-agent image from Dockerhub and uploaded to Harbor.
Then changed the values.yaml file of Helm chart to reflect the entries

Snippet of values.yaml

  enabled: true
  defaultsProviderTemplate: ""
  # URL for connecting to the Jenkins controller
  # connect to the specified host and port, instead of connecting directly to the Jenkins controller
  kubernetesConnectTimeout: 5
  kubernetesReadTimeout: 15
  maxRequestsPerHostStr: "32"
  retentionTimeout: 5
  waitForPodSec: 600
  namespace: jenkins-custom
  # private registry for agent image
  jnlpregistry: "172.x.x.x:30002"
    repository: "jenkins/inbount-agent"
    tag: "v1.1"
  workingDir: "/home/jenkins/agent"
  nodeUsageMode: "NORMAL"
  customJenkinsLabels: []
  # name of the secret to be used for image pulling
  imagePullSecretName: harborcred2
  componentName: "jenkins-agent"

And, this JNLP configuration is correctly picked and shown in Jenkins controller under cloud providers section.

However, when I’m running the Jenkins build then it is not considering the given JNLP Image and Tag values and seems like picking some default JNLP configuration where getting below error in kubernetes pods.

Normal   Pulled     15s                kubelet            Successfully pulled image "x.x.x.x:30002/jenkins-slave/jenkinsagent:v5" in 392.408547ms (392.418299ms including waiting)
  Normal   Created    15s                kubelet            Created container custom-agent
  Normal   Started    15s                kubelet            Started container custom-agent
  Normal   Pulling    15s                kubelet            Pulling image "x.x.x.x:30002/jenkins/kaniko-project-executor:1.22"
  Normal   Pulled     14s                kubelet            Successfully pulled image "x.x.x.x:30002/jenkins/kaniko-project-executor:1.22" in 411.890596ms (411.896051ms including waiting)
  Normal   Created    14s                kubelet            Created container kaniko
  Normal   Started    14s                kubelet            Started container kaniko
  Normal   Pulling    14s                kubelet            Pulling image "x.x.x.x:30002/jenkins/inbound-agent:3206.vb_15dcf73f6a_9-2"
  Warning  Failed     14s                kubelet            Failed to pull image "x.x.x.x:30002/jenkins/inbound-agent:3206.vb_15dcf73f6a_9-2": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to pull and unpack image "x.x.x.x:30002/jenkins/inbound-agent:3206.vb_15dcf73f6a_9-2": failed to resolve reference "x.x.x.x:30002/jenkins/inbound-agent:3206.vb_15dcf73f6a_9-2": failed to do request: Head "": http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client
  Warning  Failed     14s                kubelet            Error: ErrImagePull
  Normal   BackOff    13s (x2 over 14s)  kubelet            Back-off pulling image "x.x.x.x:30002/jenkins/inbound-agent:3206.vb_15dcf73f6a_9-2"

I’m only getting error while pulling JNLP Image and not the rest of the images like Kaniko or custom-agent from Harbor. Not sure why this error is coming and already spent lot of time on this issue. Any help on this will be appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance