JNLP default image override at top level. Is it possible?

Hello there! Hope you’re fine.

I’m trying to override the default jnlp container image (K8s plugin) and use pretty much the same image but in a private repository (Jenkins can’t access internet to retrieve the public image). I know I can override it in the podTemplate definition but I have tons of Jenkinsfiles and wouldn’t like to go over one by one doing so. Also each Jenkinsfile is using a random pod label so creating one pod template from the UI with a fixed label won’t work.

Is there any way to override default jnlp image at global/top level so that it affects every single pipeline run using the k8s plugin?

Many thanks!

I think I could somehow specify, at least, the default dockerRegistryPrefix used here so that the default jnlp image gets pulled from the internal repository. But can’t find where to do it either :frowning: