Jenkins LTS Windows Node encoding problem

I have a strange issue after upgrading to 2.346.1.

Now i am using LTS Jenkins 2.346.2

The nodes names (windows) has changed the symbols like _ and - to UTF-8 like 2%D
For instance the node name BENCH_51 has changed to that → computer/BENCH%5F51/jenkins-agent.jnlp so i have lost the connection on the windows nodes.
The same conversion is also at Node name : BENCH-78 and then Jenkins creates this one → BENCH%2D78/jenkins-agent.jnlp

This is happening only on the nodes names (windows), any ideas, any help would be grateful.
Do you have the same strange behavior?

It’ll be url encoded. URL-encoding Reference

I’m not sure what your question is. This seems like proper behavior to me. Its probably an update in a recent jenkins verison.

@halkeye The problem is why Jenkins is doing this encoding to URL?
Imagine that I am using .bat files in order to do the Jenkins connectivity with the Windows agents and after this since the URL has changed i have to fix all broken URLs in order all agents to be able to re-connect with the master.

Hi @antonopo and welcome to this community :wave:

I totally understand that this behaviour is problematic for you.
I can’t see any reference to that in the changelog.
What plugin update did you embark with your migration to 2.346.2?

Could you do a rollback to 2.346.1 and see if the previous behaviour comes back?


I think they said that is happened when he upgraded to 2.346.1

I have a strange issue after upgrading to 2.346.1.

It would be good to know what version of Jenkins was being used before 2.346.1

You’re right, I misread…
@antonopo, what was the version you initially had?

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Thanks a lot for your help.
I have this problem in 2 Jenkins servers.
I have upgraded both to final LTS.
One of them was at 2.145 and the other at 2.190.3

I didn’t upgraded them directly to final LTS but in intermediated versions in order to update the plugins and then again the same to the next version until I reached the final LTS

I did something like that:
yum update jenkins-2.145 --enablerepo=jenkins-stable
yum update jenkins-2.190.3 --enablerepo=jenkins-stable
yum update jenkins-2.263.1 --enablerepo=jenkins-stable
yum update jenkins-2.277.1 --enablerepo=jenkins-stable
yum update jenkins-2.277.4 --enablerepo=jenkins-stable
yum update jenkins-2.289.1 --enablerepo=jenkins-stable
yum update jenkins-2.289.3 --enablerepo=jenkins-stable
yum update jenkins-2.303.1 --enablerepo=jenkins-stable
yum update jenkins-2.319.1 --enablerepo=jenkins-stable
yum update jenkins-2.332.1 --enablerepo=jenkins-stable
yum update jenkins-2.346.1 --enablerepo=jenkins-stable

But in each version I also updated the plugins and then agan to the next.