Jenkins Installation in RHEL8.9

Hi Experts,

We are installing Jenkins version: 2.401.1 in RHEL8.9
Currently we are using Jenkins Version in CentOS.

Our aim is to first install Jenkins in RHEL8.9 and then migrate jobs/resources/calendar from Old version to new version installed in RHEL.

Kindly help us achieving by suggesting on below points.

  1. If there is any document which guide us on installation of Jenkins in RHEL8.9.
  2. What are the configuration files that need to be migrated to new server so that all available jobs and other resources will be available in new Jenkins.
  3. how to configure web page of Jenkins.
  4. What are the list of plugin they will be installed along with jenkins binary and if there is any way what all plugins were installed manually in old version of jenkins.
    5.If there is any other parameters/resources that need to be added manually after installation.
  5. List of Configuration files.

Hello @avialison,

While I don’t consider myself an expert, I’d be happy to provide you with some pointers. Firstly, here is the official Red Hat installation documentation: Red Hat/CentOS Installation Guide. Additionally, @mwp565733 has put together a guide that might assist you with the migration: Marc’s Napkin Upgrade Guide.