JENKINS_HOME variable not read in 2.332.1 running in Apache Tomcat 9

Running multiple instances of Jenkins using Apache Tomcat on Windows. Setting conf/context.xml with JENKINS_HOME value worked until this version. Now when trying to upgrade to 2.332.1 from 2.319.3 following all the same steps with 2.319.3 and previous version, the version uses the default version. How to use one Apache Tomcat setup to run multiple version of Jenkins each with own JENKINS_HOME.


No longer being honored in Jenkins 2.332.1 using Apache Tomcat 9 and running as windows service. Instead uses default JENKINS_HOME. How to get Jenkins to honor JENKINS_HOME? Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Have you checked for any existing issues? I can’t imagine jenkins chaging anything to do with reading env variables, as they would be passed in from tomcat not read from the os directly but i’m no expert.

JNDI support was removed in jenkinsci/jenkins#6111. You can instead set the Jenkins home directory via the -DJENKINS_HOME Java system property (which you can set for Tomcat in e.g. the CATALINA_OPTS environment variable) or the JENKINS_HOME environment variable.

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