Change JENKINS_HOME on tomcat

Hi all, I want to ask something, I have already change JENKINS_HOME on tomcat like my first image, but after I restart all tomcat, JENKINS_HOME still same like default. Can somebody help me?

Try this How to set Jenkins_Home hosted on apache tomcat - Stack Overflow

Still can’t help buddy

Did you restart Tomcat after changing that file? You aren’t really providing a lot of information, so its hard to help.

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Ya I have already restart tomcat service, and I have already put on context.xml like this.

is it right?

Looks ok to me. Without more information it will be hard to help.

what should I give more information to you? Or we can zoom meeting to solve my issue if you can. I need to solve this for my prod server

Logs would be helpful. Like Tomcat logs and Jenkins logs.

Hai Alex, is this helpful?

Or this can help too?

It really looks like the environment variable is not set. Since Tomcat is not tested by the Jenkins community (it’s recommended to run Jenkins via the war file directly with a reverse proxy or something similar), I don’t know how much I can be of help. The logs definitely show that JENKINS_HOME is not being set for Jenkins, so you need to look up in the Tomcat docs on how to get that set to the value you want.