Jenkins default suggested plugin list

I’m doing jenkins installation and configuration using ansible playbook. Can I get a list of default suggested plugins that we get at the time of initial setup, I’m not getting one on google. I’m installing jenkins v2.3.

I’m not sure how that will really help you, but I needed to install Jenkins 2.400 with the plugins offered by the Jenkins setup wizard. I placed that list of plugins in the issue report.

The version numbers in that list will change as new plugin versions are released. The version numbers and specific plugins will change depending on the version of Jenkins that you installed.

I hope that the Jenkins version you are installing is such much more recent than 2.3. The Jenkins project provides security fixes for the most recent weekly release and the most recent stable (long term support) release. As of today, those are Jenkins 2.400 (weekly) and Jenkins 2.387.2 (LTS).

This is the source of the list you are looking for.

The list is occasionally updated, interestingly last by @MarkEWaite .