Jenkins 2.431 update broke my LAN Access - help!

Jenkins setup: Jenkins 2.431 on M1 Mac-mini installed via homebrew (upgraded from 2.425)

Usually when i upgrade, I need to modify my /opt/homebrew/Cellar/jenkins/<VERSION>/homebrew.mxcl.jenkins.plist file to reflect as the httpListenPort and restart my service to see my Jenkins system on my network.
The problem is that when i upgraded to 2.431, Jenkins is still not visible?!?
What changed, what do i need to change to make my build system visible on the LAN?

Appreciate any help or direction!

Can you look at the Jenkins logs and see if the change you made is actually being propagated to Jenkins itself (there should be a jenkins.log file in JENKINS_HOME that has info about what address it is binding to). Also, just as a recommendation, I would highly suggest using the LTS releases instead of the weeklies, unless you specifically need the weekly release. The LTS tends to be much more stable.

Good advise on the LTS … I may just roll this back

unfortunitly all thats in my output.log is

Running from: /opt/homebrew/Cellar/jenkins/2.431/libexec/jenkins.war
webroot: /Users/builds/.jenkins/war

I DO see a line in my error.log that says

INFO	o.e.j.server.AbstractConnector#doStart: Started ServerConnector@76329302{HTTP/1.1, (http/1.1)}{}

so it does look like it found the correct config info from the .plist file

Is there a jenkins.log file? I haven’t run on mac for a while and I can’t install homebrew on my work laptop, so I don’t remember what files are created.

nope, but my .plist does include


so that is what I was expecting and where they are :wink: