Inquiry: Jenkins integration with cloudEvents and CDevents

GSoC Inquiry: Proposed CloudEvents & CDEvents Plugin Functionality

Hi Mentors,

Shubhom here, interested in the GSoC project to extend the CloudEvents plugin for CDEvents support (corrected typo).

I’ve been familiarizing myself with CloudEvents and CDEvents, and I’m currently learning Jenkins plugin development.

To get a clearer picture of the proposed plugin, I’d appreciate some insights into its envisioned functionality. Could you elaborate on:

How the plugin will be designed to handle both CloudEvents and CDEvents?
What are the expected interactions between the plugin and Jenkins for generating these events?

Understanding these details will help me focus my learning and prepare for effective contribution.

Thank you for your guidance!


Hi @Shbhom and welcome to this community, :wave:

Please have a look at the previous GSoC office hours meetings minutes here, or watch the videos on YouTube.
I’m almost sure this has been explained.