[GSOC 2024 PROPOSAL] Mohammed Abulsoud CloudEvents plugin for Jenkins

I’m Mohammed, a graduate in Computer Science from An-Najah National University, with a passion for backend technologies. As I embark on my journey in the open-source community, I bring a diverse skill set encompassing Java, Go, Node.js, and Python.

My focus lies in cloud computing and system design, areas where I’ve honed my expertise through hands-on experience.My immediate goal is to contribute to Jenkins by mastering plugin development, seeking the way for greater interoperability and cloud event integration.

My background includes designing microservices, leveraging event-driven architectures, and crafting RESTful APIs. I’m enthusiastic about exploring the intricacies of the Jenkins codebase and discussing potential project collaborations in depth.

Looking forward to connecting and delving into the project specifics.

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Hello @mohammedabualsoud , and welcome to this community. :wave:

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