Idea: This $timeperiod in Jenkins

I’ll be upfront, I don’t know how this would work for us, but I want to bring up the idea.

Every week Matrix does a This Week in Matrix blog post where they highlight the release notes for the core product, as well as community highlights.

So why do I think Jenkins project should would win from following suite?

  • We have a Showing off category which when it was being populated, was very well received. - Showing Off - Jenkins
  • We have a TON of ongoing projects going at any one time, too much for anyone other than marc to have have a clue about
  • Special Interest Groups and Officers and meeting minutes

I’m thinking each $timeperiod we have each officer and SIG lead submit a paragraph, even if its “nothing happening”, and links to the meeting minutes, Then we throw in one or more community topic and do a blog post.

What do ya’ll think?

No objections from me. @alyssat and @Jmm are running the Advocacy and Outreach SIG. I’m scribe for the UX SIG and am leading the Platform SIG and the Docs SIG. Other SIGs are generally inactive. Docs SIG has been quite consistent reviewing the weekly changelog so that the release notes for the core product are in reasonably good condition each week.

Release Radar · January 2022 Edition | The GitHub Blog is another one

Would love to see more plugin announcements. The automated list on plugins, or Twitter are nice, but the ones in the news letter would be ones were the maintainer is engaged with the community (since they would have to post somewhere to submit)

I’m just throwing out the idea. I can even help a bit, but Its not my department and I’m a little overloaded as it is.

Another example

Now that I’m thinking about it I’m seeing these everywhere.