Idea: Having our own matrix homeserver

I don’t think we want to run something critical for chatting, but I do think we want the namespace.

  • Give us access to namespace
    • goes to some random “devops” channel and we can’t do a whole lot about it.
    • can setup a space for all channels. Matrix has the concept of spaces, kinda like discord, where you can add all the channels for a community, and it’ll show up in the space. You can still join specific channels, but see everything
  • Somewhere sane to put bots (jenkins-admin, discourse, etc)

We wouldn’t need to allow users to use the homeserver at all, just add it to the known addresses.

For example, the jenkins main room’s main address is but lots of people have accounts. Its also (okay its not, but it could be)


  • Use synapse. Its a really big python project that does way more than we need (:x: from me)
  • Use a hosting service such as Element plans and pricing and see if they have any sort of sponsorship package
  • Use dendrite - Go version of the home server, probably pretty light weight, just needs a db
  • Use conduit - super light weight written in rust. Not sure it supports spaces yet

Throwing it out there as I can’t/dont want to reach out for sponsorships these days.

On a side note. I’m up for upgrading jenkins-admin bot to speak matrix if we want to phase out the irc channels

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We do already have one available at

can you actually right click on the space and create an invite link? That is something specific to and thus I can’t use it.

Here’s the matrix URL: