I submitted new issue about Jenkins is there any way to get someone to triage it?

Just a general question…I created a Jenkins issue about an intermittent deadlock/blocked thread issue after upgrading to 2.426.1 & 2.426.3. I submitted it a week ago and was wondering what it takes to get this issue reviewed/triaged by someone.

Sometimes I have directly contacted the plugin owner, but there are about 10 on this plugin and really don’t want to spam everyone. That is why I am curious how the triage/review process works on these new issues… Or best way to get some eyes on it. I can help test/debug as we have about 1 controller a week hang due to this issue.

Jenkins setup:
plugin is: github-branch-source
JIRA is: JENKINS-72678

The most effective technique is to investigate the issue yourself. Enlist the help of others in your organization to explore the issue and understand it. Share what you learn in the issue report. Often that will lead to a solution much faster than asking someone else to investigate it. That is particularly true for cases like yours where you have a very large organization that is running many Jenkins controllers.

Since Jenkins is an open source project, you’re relying on the good will of others to investigate the issue. The more information you provide about an issue, the more likely it is that someone will be willing to volunteer their time to investigate. You’re welcome to mention the maintainers but they are also welcome to ignore you.