Jenkins Unreachable After a Week or So

Hi Everyone!

My organization just updated our Jenkins instance a couple months back. We are seeing an issue with our Jenkins instance becoming unreachable from the web after running for about a week or so.

The issue occurs typically as follows:

1.-Jenkins is online and running normally for a week or so
2.-Jenkins randomly seems to be down and users are unable to connect form a web brouwser (web browser just spins and eventually says the page can’t be reached).

3.-Admin restarts the Jenkins service and this solves all issues for only the next few days.

Does any know what this issue might be? It sounds like a memory leak but that’s just me guessing.

Background Info: We are running our Jenkins instance on Windows Server 2012 on premises. Our recent update was to 2.362.2. I can’t remember exactly the version number we updated from, but is was over 2 years old

Hello @chase.bernard :wave:

Logs would help, for sure.
What version did you update from? Two years of updates is huge, I think upgrading with small steps usually works better. Please have a look at the Changelog Archive to see if you missed something.
By the way, did you update the plugins too?
What is your JDK?