How to upgrade jenkins with its plugins

i upgraded jenkins version from 2.303.2 to 2.319.1 with jenkins.war file but after replacing jenkins.war file jenkins service is not starting

Hi @mudassir.tariq and welcome to this community :wave:,

“it doesn’t work” is always hard to remote debug. Try to always include these 3 things.

  1. what did you try? (Code samples, command lines, screenshots, videos, etc)
  2. what did happen? (Error messages, description, outputs, stuff)
  3. what did you expect to happen?

Otherwise, it’s hard for us to get into your context and you’ll have to have someone who is exactly knowledgeable come along.

The 303 is from 2021-07-20, and 319 is from 2021-11-04, so more or less 4 months of updates.
What I see in the LTS changelog is:
Notable changes since 2.303.3:

  • Replace the term “master” for the main Jenkins application with “controller” or “built-in node” in user interface strings and documentation. New installations get the new node and label immediately. Existing installations do not change the node name (e.g. NODE_NAME environment variable) or label of the built-in node until an administrator explicitly performs the migration. If a job definition, Pipeline definition, or tool installer reference must be tied to the built-in node, it should use the label “built-in”. (Upgrade guide - Built-In Node Name and Label Migration)
  • Modernise the “Manage Jenkins” screen. (pull 5693)
  • Modernise the “Build History” search bar. (pull 5692)
  • Update appearance for feed bar and description button to be modern and consistent. (pull 5664)
  • Improve layout of console output header. (pull 5507)
  • Show new status icons in build history. (issue 66659)
  • Update tooltips to be consistent across Jenkins. (pull 5763)
  • Use SVGs over PNGs for the sidebar when possible. Breadcrumb bar/logo/menu items are now correctly aligned on the left together. Move old war/images folder to webapp so they can be used in frontend - the SVGs are now in the webapp/images/svgs folder. (pull 5663)
  • Replace the old icons with the new SVG icons in the job trend page. (issue 65928)
  • Graphs now scale correctly on high resolution screens. (pull 5697)
  • Screen resolution cookie now has the secure flag set when Jenkins is running on HTTPS. (issue 49675)
  • Deprecate the -cp option in the remoting agent.jar command line. Upgrade from Remoting 4.10 to Remoting 4.11. (pull 5821, issue 64831, Remoting 4.11 changelog)
  • When the buildWithParameter API is called, if the requests with the same parameters in the queue are merged, the http response code of the request uses a more appropriate 303(see other) instead of 201(created). (issue 66105)
  • Fix wrong parameter type for Text Parameter when triggering a build via the buildWithParameters API call. (pull 5704)
  • Use the JVM’s default keystore type for the Jenkins server when terminating TLS connections within Jenkins. Used if Jenkins is started with the --httpsPort argument. Winstone 5.21: Update Jetty from 9.4.42.v20210604 to Jetty 9.4.43.v20210629. (pull 5670, issue 66379, Winstone 5.20 changelog, Winstone 5.21 changelog, Jetty 9.4.43 changelog)
  • Correction of label expression including a “implies” relationship without spaces around. (issue 66613)
  • Fix agent handshake when connecting over Websocket on Java 11. Upgrade from Remoting 4.10 to Remoting 4.11. (pull 5821, issue 61212, Remoting 4.11 changelog)
  • Remove deprecated, unsafe classes previously copied from Apache Ant. Docker Slaves plugin is incompatible with this change. (issue 66930)
  • Load classes from plugins in parallel for faster startup on multicore machines. (issue 23784)
  • Remove the Woodstox implementation of the StAX API from Jenkins core. Users of the Azure Artifact Manager, Azure Container Agents, Azure Storage, and Azure SDK API plugins must upgrade those plugins to the latest versions in lockstep with this core upgrade. Plugins that consume Woodstox should depend on it directly or via the Jackson 2 API plugin. (pull 5651, Woodstox implementation, StAX API, Azure Artifact Manager plugin, Azure Container Agents plugin, Azure Storage plugin, Azure SDK API plugin, Jackson 2 API plugin)
  • Internal: Experimental support for URLClassLoader can be enabled by setting hudson.ClassicPluginStrategy.useAntClassLoader=false. (pull 5698)

hi @poddingue ,

Thanks for the response, the jenkins service is not starting but jenkins UI is accessbile with version 2.319.1 and plugins are not loading.
Here is the logs from jenkins

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It would be better if you pasted text logs instead of images.

you have essentially 3 options at this point

  1. Try out GitHub - jenkinsci/plugin-installation-manager-tool: Plugin Manager CLI tool for Jenkins and upgrade everything offline
  2. Delete all your existing plugins (or entire JENKINS_HOME), startup, then restore/reinstall stuff slowly
  3. Rollback to previous version.

Hi @halkeye,

Thanks for the response, I have tried this solution,
1- spin up a fresh Linux Centos VM
2- install java 11 and jenkins version 2.346
3- restore my jenkins home directory backup
4- Now jenkins service has started and all thing working fine

but when i am trying to update my jenkins to 2.361 or 2.387 so the jenkins service is not starting and i have looked the logs it was mentioning the plugins names and saying it is not loading.

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