How to avoid infinite build loop when update app version?

We have a Jenkins job for an application which has an package.json file and after every succesfull Jenkins job build package version updates.
package.json versionlike looks like this:
“version”: “0.0.655”
After successfull build version updated like this:
“version”: “0.0.656”
and commit message is this: Package Version updated to 0.0.656
We have a configuration “Polling ignores commits with certain message”
Exclude messages: (?s).Package version updated.

But after build start this triggers another build and with this commit message there is an infinite build loop.
How can we fix this?
We already create a new job and copy a new job from job that works right but but it didn’t work. Also we changed exclude message to several optionsa like (?s).Package. or (?s).Package version.

Hi Ayşe, I have a similar problem. have you found a solution for this? There is a plugin called SCM skip if you still need it. In my case I would prefer a solution where I can specify which commit to build instead of not to build.