Jenkins job failure

Can anyone help with the below jenkins error and guide on what and where to look to fix this issue

Till week back everything was working fine all of sudeen this below error, and nothing is changed.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins\workspace\projectName\build_metadata.xml:529: :5 SyntaxError: Invalid JSON: :1:1 Expected json literal but found Â


did the file not finish writing or something? You can probably delete the file as it isn’t one of the super important files.

Thanks for the reply @halkeye

Im quite uncertain whethwr anything done to this file specifically.

Hope nothing is impacted by deleting this file?

I’m worried becuase deletion of this file will break something else ?

We are at the corner of production deploymwnt and this error is occured all of sudden ,so your help is appreciated.


I have none in my install. I’m pretty sure its some sort of temp file. If your really concerned, you can rename it to something else so you can restore it if something goes wrong.

That being said, as I suggested, open the file and see if anything obvious is wrong with it (like file is half saved). It does say the error is on line 529.

Sure, thanks ill give it a try and update how it goes


This build file is important actually

not sure what is the root cause of this error, it vanished on it’s own without changing anything