Jenkins Error in Build

I am new to Jenkins and learning. Below is screenshot of the errors I am getting while running a build in Jenkins for my project.

I don’t know what I need to fix. Please help me understand what needs to be fixed for the errors to disappear.

Hello @dineshvicky9 and welcome to this community :wave:

What kind of Jenkins job are you running? A Freestyle project?
Is there a webhook configured in GitHub for your project?
I can’t see a Jenkinsfile in your repo, so I guess you’re using a Freestyle project.

You could maybe have a look at : .

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for your reply. This issue issue is resolved. I am running Maven project. I have another issue- unable to build automatically after code is merged in main branch git hub. I am getting message as delivery failure from git. I have configured webhook in Git and passed the url in payload url. Please check the screenshots for more details.

If you could help me resolve this issue, it would be great.


Thanks for your feedback Dinesh.
Did you configure the payload Content-type as application/json?
What kind of events did you choose for the payload?
Did you run your job manually first within Jenkins?

Hi Bruno,

I chose Content type as application/json, still I am getting error as delivery failure from Github