Missing Build history after upgrade to 1.651.3

We upgraded the Jenkins version in our windows system from 1.596 to 1.651.3.
Target is to upgrade to the latest version.

Couldn’t see the build history after upgrading using the war file. Is this being a known bug? Or do we have any fix for this? Is it safe to proceed the upgrade to the latest version. Please advise.

1.651 is over 8 years old. I don’t know if anyone is able to help you.
Especially with the major version switch from 1.x to 2.x there are many changes that you might need to consider.
:bangbang: Most important take a backup before trying anything out.
Or create a test landscape that has the same plugins and some test jobs for the scenarios you’re running.

Thanks Markus. Yes, it is a very old version which we are trying to upgrade.

Is there any reference documents or links from any experienced members I can use for doing this upgrade? Specially from 1.x to 2.x upgrade.

There is one change that is described here Jenkins Security Advisory 2016-05-11 (SECURITY-170) that has come with 1.651.2 and that has a noticeable effect as it might require to change a lot of jobs.
Other than that look at LTS Changelog which lists all changes and Jenkins LTS Upgrade Guide which gives hints on where you might need to take action.
You will also need to look at the changelog of plugins.
This blog post Back of the Napkin Guide to Updating Jenkins, for the uninitiated is also worth to take look

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