How to automate the creation of Multibranch Pipeline in Jenkins?

Hi Team,

We are using Jenkins 2.414.2.2, Bitbucket v8.9.0 and SonarQube 9.9.1 version in our current project.

Could you please help us on the below queries related to CI/CD tool Jenkins.

1.Is it possible to automate the Multibranch Pipeline creation in Jenkins, if yes how we can do that?

2.If we can automatically create Multibranch pipeline in Jenkins, is there any Shell Script/YAML Script or Groovy Script?

Currently as part of our POC we are creating the Multibranch Pipeline in Jenkins Manually, but the client ask is we should be able to automate the creation of Multibranch Pipeline in Jenkins.

So it would be a Great help for us if you respond for the above query ASAP…!!

Murali Sulam

That version number looks like a version of the CloudBees CI product. CloudBees CI is a commercial product that is based on Jenkins with additional features to support enterprise deployments. If it is CloudBees CI, then you can refer to the following videos that introduce the job and administrative configuration facilities that are available in CloudBees CI.