How is Jenkins support and what options we have?

Hi There,

I am looking for what support option does Jenkins provide.
Currently looking for minimal support - installation of LTS and running the application.


There is documentation available for both of those items on Jenkins is an open source project. So, most of the people are volunteers. This site, mailing lists and IRC/Gitter are places where people ask questions and those who have time and can answer the question will do so. If you are looking for guaranteed support, there are a couple of companies that offer that, you can find them via Google search.

Hello There!
I am looking to setup CI/CD via Jenkins but I am not looking for high cost but limited term support just to install LTS version and ready to go kind of support.

Do we have any wiki/document to get the information on limited term support.


As an open source project, for true support your options are:

  1. Forums/chat. Anyone is free to donate time and give back where they can. No guarentees
  2. Vendors. Usually some simplified pricing models

Jenkins project does have a stable release line, where fixes are backported to.

All official documentation is on site.

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