End of support of Jenkins

Hi all
Wanted to know the END OF LIFE and END OF SUPPORT dates for jenkins.

Jenkins does use a rolling release scheme with 2 tracks:

  1. weekly, which tracks the development fast with weekly updates
  2. LTS which gets major updates every 12 weeks, see LTS Release Line , and bug fixes every 4 weeks.

Just always upgrade your selected track if a new release is available, as Jenkins strives hard to keep backward-compatibility.


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You could monitor this page to know which versions are no longer supported.

Security fixes

When a security advisory is issued for Jenkins core, the Jenkins security team provides fixes for the most recent weekly release and the most recent long term support release. The security team provides detailed security process documentation for Jenkins administrators.

Older versions of Jenkins do not receive security fixes. Users who are concerned about security should upgrade their Jenkins LTS release every 4 weeks. If they are using Jenkins weekly, they should upgrade their Jenkins weekly release every week.

Java support policy

Jenkins is a Java application. Jenkins support of Java versions is described in the Java support policy.

Planned support timelines for specific Java versions are described in the 2 + 2 + 2 Java support plan blog post.

Linux support policy

Jenkins runs on Linux. Jenkins support of Linux versions is described in the Linux support policy.

Windows support policy

Jenkins runs on Microsoft Windows. Jenkins support of Windows versions is described in the Windows support policy.

Servlet container support policy

Jenkins runs within a servlet container in the Java virtual machine. Jenkins support of servlet containers is described in the servlet container support policy.