How can i configure Jenkins with Azure Devops


I want to configure Jenkins with Azure Devops because my compagnie doesn’t use JIRA.
I would like to say to Jenkins to read the written keywords in Azure Devops Test Plan. (Yeah its for automation with Robot Framework)

I’m asking to myself if there is a way to do a similar thing than with Xray in Jira, write Keyword for robot framework in a test job, that jenkins could read and recognize with resources files saved in a git repos.

These files in git contains actuals keywords.

I dont know if u see what I mean ?
Down below a screen of a test case in azure to help you. I want to write my keywords in the green square and then Jenkins should be able to directly read them from here when i launch build on jenkins.

It looks like Azure devops has a Rest API that supports querying a test plan. You could retrieve whatever you need out of this test plan in Jenkins through that Rest API.