GSoC Proposal drafts overview


This year’s Jenkins GSoC interest is impressive. I wanted to give a little overview of where we are standing at 8 days of the deadline.There are 23 drafts posted and their project idea distribution looks like this:

project Draft Proposals 7
Quickstart 6
Screenshot 4
Probes 2
Plugin Installation 2
Gitlab plugin 1
Android 1

(I added a pivot table to the tracking sheet as a tab: GSoC 2023 - Draft proposal tracking - Google Sheets)

The (reported) draft reviews is still too low IMHO. Too many drafts have a single review. These reviews are important and are an integral part of the GSoC experience.

Last, I wanted to repost a comment made by Alexander, @NotMyFault (Jenkins Board Member and Jenkins Maintainer). The enthusiasm is much appreciated (and encouraged) but please be patient.

The participation in GSoC this year is absolutely magnificent. But please have mercy on maintainers, you don’t need to mention us several times with few hours delay in your PRs asking for reviews, we will happily review them and share our thoughts once we get to them. Patience is key, especially on weekends.
It’s great to see so much enthusiasm and positive vibes compelled in one place. Keep it up, folks! :tada:

/- Jmm