Failed to install Jenkins Operator using Helm

Hello Everyone, I’m trying to install Jenkins-operator on k3s node using Helm and it failed with below message

Error: failed to download "jenkins/jenkins-operator" (hint: running `helm repo update` may help)

After repo update I try to install it once again with --debug, and this is the result.

install.go:173: [debug] Original chart version: ""
Error: failed to fetch : 404 Not Found
helm.go:88: [debug] failed to fetch : 404 Not Found*HTTPGetter).get*HTTPGetter).Get*ChartDownloader).DownloadTo*ChartPathOptions).LocateChart

helm version : v3.6.3+gd506314

If you have any workaround on how I can resolve this please share.

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I didn’t know helm would download raw files like that.
The file does exist:
which would make the url be

(took me a while to find the diff of an extra /jenkins-operator)

I recommand forking and submitting a pr to fix kubernetes-operator/index.yaml at 058ea61d707f0e5864ebb4333c9ced6bfd06d188 · jenkinsci/kubernetes-operator · GitHub

I don’t know how you’ve installed your chart repo, so maybe you can update the repo locally, but doing a PR helps not just you but everyone.


Thank You so much @halkeye sure will do.

Thank you very much @zyzyx03 for reporting this and @halkeye for the fix idea. I’ve issued a PR that fixes this and also the Makefile target used for releasing the Helm chart, so that this issue doesn’t come up in the future.

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Hi, @zyzyx03 thanks for reporting this! The fix is merged in.

I just wanted to let you know, that you can always open a bug issue on our GitHub page: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Take care!