Domain hint in Azure AD authentication

For logging in to Jenkins via the Azure AD plugin, is it possible to configure a domain hint like Microsoft describes under Home Realm Discovery policy - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn?

This would let Azure AD skip asking which identity to use, when the user has logged in to Azure AD with an identity from our company and also with an identity from a partner company. The Azure app registration for the Jenkins instance has already been configured as supporting accounts from “My organization only”, so if the user chooses the other identity, then the login fails (“Selected user account does not exist in tenant”).

The domain_hint query parameter doesn’t seem to be natively supported in

The domain_hint query parameter would apparently have to be added via Map<String, String> additionalParams, but the Azure AD plugin doesn’t do that in So, the Azure AD plugin doesn’t currently support a domain hint, but the feature would be straightforward to add.