Enable SSO on Jenkins using Azure AD

We are trying to setup SSO on Jenkins [Version - Jenkins 2.332.3] with Azure AD, followed official document but still we are facing below issue
Note: we are able to login issue is only with user/group level access

Tried following actions to fix the issue:

  • Configured existing project based matrix
  • Configured Matrix-based security
  • Configured Azure Active Directory Matrix-based security
  • Removed all delegated permission from azure
  • To enable AzureAD group support: Click Manifest and modify the “groupMembershipClaims”: null value to “groupMembershipClaims”: “SecurityGroup”, then ‘Save’ it.: Azure AD
  • Integrate Jenkins with Azure Active Directory and Service Principal - Day Three** {}

However issue still persist


  • When we try to add any user/group it don’t populate the username

Could you please assist on this issue and help to fix ??