Group name is not visible in Jenkins for SAML with AzureAD

i am using

SAML Plugin Version 2.333.vc81e525974a_c
Role-based Authorization Strategy Version 530.ved5445d4875a_

The issue i am facing is with Group Name visibility. It is working when i am using ObjectID value, but i want to use usual group name e.g i want to have cld_Jenkins_User instead of 7b753d5e-1de7-41d7-a3ea-7a520add2fcf

also i added ‘User.Read.All’, ‘Group.Read.All’ and 'People.Read - Microsoft Graph permissions in Azure, as per other plugin doc: Azure AD (also tried with this plugin, the same error)
If i am using ObjectID user which is assigned inside Azure Group can access Jenkins, if i am replacing ObjectID with Group Name after login it gives message that user is missing overall/read permission

what can be the issue? is it possible at all to use Group Name instead of ObjectID?


thank you

I’m also encountering same issue.

Jenkins 2.361.3
SAML 2.0 4.372.v89f13e4c9e97

Is there any update here? Not sure if this issue has been tackled also on other places.