Documentation office hours - Nov 29, 2021


Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Dheeraj Singh Jodha (@dheerajodha), Kristin Whetstone, Meg McRoberts


  • 2.323 changelog PR
    • Changes to be done after the release
      • Move developer topic to end of changelog
      • Add link to JEP-234 in the rfe for header extension
      • Mark 5909 as developer and move to end of changelog
      • Add a changelog for remoting 4.11.2 and link to it as a reference
  • Broken site build (CI on master branch)
    • Extensions indexer uses more disc than agents have by default
      • Over 25 GB is consumed by that job
      • Downloads the source code for every Jenkins plugin
    • Need to increase disc space or dedicate an agent to that task
  • Triage team
    • Accepting the invitation - Dheeraj and Meg
    • Kristin is now a member
    • Meg joined live during the session by opening
    • Need Dheeraj accept the invitation at that same URL
  • Jenkins 2.319.1 upgrade guide and changelog
    • Release Dec 1, 2021
    • Darin Pope livestream presentation Dec 2, 2021 with Mark Waite
    • New build is available that includes several more changes
      • Mark will send comments to developer list
  • High level discussion of the opening of Managing Jenkins and Configuring Jenkins
    • Reviewed a year old PR (PR3564) . This does not reflect the new UI groupings and is pretty high level.
      • I was thinking about working on the managing/index.adoc file to have a high-level description of the different sections that show there, with links to pages with more details about how to use them, and then the system-configuration.adoc file would address that specific page (also with links, etc)
    • Should the JCasC documentation be pulled from the github readme file into this section?
      • Tim Jacomb recommends an intro on, but details in the plugin documentation
    • And should we start to reflect the JCasC option when discussing configurations that can be set either through the UI or with JCasC?
  • Modernizing a plugin blog post and tutorial
    • Jean-Marc Meessen a new plugin adopter, willing to review
      • Jean-Marc is writing a blog post in a few weeks
        • Fighting impostor syndrome
        • Winning against flawed feelings of guilt
    • Consider asking other new adopters of plugins to review content
    • Mark adopted the priority sorter plugin and fixed a real bug
      • Why does HTML class affect Java serialization?