Documentation office hours - May 26, 2022


2022-05-26 (Europe) - GSoC, Localization, June LTS


  • Mark Waite
  • Kevin Martens
  • Vihaan Thora


  • Action items
  • Google Summer of Code: Pipeline Steps Doc Generator - Vihaan
    • Selected as GSoC contributor for Pipeline step docs generator
    • Intends to improve the experience with the Pipeline steps on
      • Improve page layout to be more usable
      • Reduce crowding on the page, make it easier to read
      • Create a navigation bar
        • Longer pages have the navigation bar stuck to the top
        • Prefer a sidebar navigation that does not move
      • Consider a frame style layout for Pipeline steps
        • Expand in the navbar and show the steps
        • Page per step with parameters
          • Use checkout as an example
      • Separates content from a single page to multiple pages “hot” pages
        • See checkout for a “hot page”
      • Reviewing the documentation generator and development process
    • May be better to connect during Asia office hours with Kristin, Harshit Chopra
      • Thursday office hours easier because Friday office hours are too early
    • Jenkins navigation bar currently implemented in bootstrap
  • Localization and internationalization progress report - Mark Waite
    • Presenting an internationalization livestream with Darin Pope
    • Documentation updates are needed
    • Lots of work to internationalize
  • June LTS changelog, upgrade guide, and blog post - Kevin Martens
    • Pending changes needed, including a blog post, upgrade guide improvement
      • LTS scheduled June 15, 2022
      • Some further backports are expected (more changes needed)
    • Kevin preparing the rough draft of blog post - GIF and PNG replaced by SVG
      • Themes supported, higher quality, better experience
      • Forewarn users that they need to check their plugins are ready
    • Want to have screenshot updates completed
      • Show how Jenkins looks now (as of June 2022 LTS)
  • Require Java 11 epic and the documentation related tasks - Kevin Martens
  • She Code Africa Contributhon - Mark Waite
    • Mark creating a blog post and a brief video to highlight the results
      • Due by the end of this week
    • Saturday is the final conclusion meeting of She Code Africa Contributhon 2022
    • Screenshot updates
    • Inclusive naming
    • Pipeline help
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I really really want to see header and footer as web components so we import them onto any site with any tech stack. I just havnt had the energy to start it

I think it would be good if we could have you and @vihaanthora discuss it. @vihaanthora has some navigation improvement ideas that he wants to use as part of the Google Summer of Code 2022 project for Pipeline steps doc generator.

@halkeye that is exactly what we’ll need to do in order to create a sidebar that stays in the same place. So separate containers for the navbar (header), content + sidebar, and footer. I am not very sure about the best way to implement this, but the research is on and any suggestions about the same would be much appreciated.

Okay Originally I wanted to do lit-html because it seems like the modern framework light way to do it, but after a couple hours I gave up and tried stenciljs

GitHub - halkeye/jenkinsio-components - Super basic jenkinsio-footer component i threw together in like 15 min

Test page:

The nice thing about web components and the shadow dom specifically is you can mess with css as much as you want and it stays isolated, it won’t affect the page’s css at all. Means we could use like a new bootstrap, or tailwind or whatever else and not affect the various sites.

Tis just an idea though, and i can always take care of it at a later date, so shouldn’t block whatever you are thinking of doing

Sorry for the late reply, didn’t see the message until now.

This looks very interesting. Didn’t understand what was meant by a separate web component before (I might have confused it with something else :confused: ). I would love to look into this once the GSoC project tasks get sorted out.

Joining late to this party but since I am working on a small framework to create web components I want to link it in this thread