Documentation office hours - May 19, 2022


2022-05-26 (Europe) - GSoC, Localization, June LTS


  • Mark Waite
  • Kevin Martens
  • Vihaan Thora


  • Action items
  • Google Summer of Code: Pipeline Steps Doc Generator - Vihaan
    • Selected as GSoC contributor for Pipeline step docs generator
    • Intends to improve the experience with the Pipeline steps on
      • Improve page layout to be more usable
      • Reduce crowding on the page, make it easier to read
      • Create a navigation bar
        • Longer pages have the navigation bar stuck to the top
        • Prefer a sidebar navigation that does not move
      • Consider a frame style layout for Pipeline steps
        • Expand in the navbar and show the steps
        • Page per step with parameters
          • Use checkout as an example
      • Separates content from a single page to multiple pages “hot” pages
        • See checkout for a “hot page”
      • Reviewing the documentation generator and development process
    • May be better to connect during Asia office hours with Kristin, Harshit Chopra
      • Thursday office hours easier because Friday office hours are too early
    • Jenkins navigation bar currently implemented in bootstrap
  • Localization and internationalization progress report - Mark Waite
    • Presenting an internationalization livestream with Darin Pope
    • Documentation updates are needed
    • Lots of work to internationalize
  • June LTS changelog, upgrade guide, and blog post - Kevin Martens
    • Pending changes needed, including a blog post, upgrade guide improvement
      • LTS scheduled June 15, 2022
      • Some further backports are expected (more changes needed)
    • Kevin preparing the rough draft of blog post - GIF and PNG replaced by SVG
      • Themes supported, higher quality, better experience
      • Forewarn users that they need to check their plugins are ready
    • Want to have screenshot updates completed
      • Show how Jenkins looks now (as of June 2022 LTS)
  • Require Java 11 epic and the documentation related tasks - Kevin Martens
  • She Code Africa Contributhon - Mark Waite
    • Mark creating a blog post and a brief video to highlight the results
      • Due by the end of this week
    • Saturday is the final conclusion meeting of She Code Africa Contributhon 2022
    • Screenshot updates
    • Inclusive naming
    • Pipeline help