Documentation office hours - Jan 13, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite) , Kristin Whetstone, Zainab Daodu, Elizaneth Okaome


Site previews on pull requests

Can’t you just use the period key on github?

Didn’t know about that. It looks very interesting. Visual Studio Code in a web browser for editing. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to have it render the site (equivalent of make run). I’d need to submit a pull request and wait for the site generator to render the changes.

The Gitpod technique renders the site while I’m in development mode.

The GitHub integrated editor may be enough for edits that don’t require rendering of the site.

Yea as I do everything locally i hadn’t looked into it much either

looks like they do the full gitpod style setup via GitHub Codespaces · GitHub
Looks like they support a “devcontainer” “standard” here Introduction to dev containers - GitHub Docs
I know devcontainers can be used in local vscode (I’ve seen but not used it in homeassistant).

It’s def something to look into more. I love tooling that describes your environment so you can use whatever editor you want (like

Not to derail this project, but something I’ll look into when my todo list is smaller.

example dev container - room-assistant/.devcontainer at main · mKeRix/room-assistant · GitHub
its on the gitpod roadmap - Support `devcontainer.json` · Issue #16 · gitpod-io/roadmap · GitHub