Documentation office hours Dec 6, 2021



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Dheeraj Singh Jodha (@dheerajodha), Meg McRoberts


  • News
    • Plugins site now allows links to headers
    • 2.319.1 released
    • 2.319.2 release scheduled for Jan 12, 2022
      • Allowing end of year holidays for Jenkins contributors
    • Congratulations to Mark for the Governance Board election and Documentation officer
      • See the results blog by Gavin Mogan
  • Weekly changelog 2.324 PR review
    • Changes after delivery
      • Move the developer topic to the end of the list (6014)
      • Add references for the FingerprintStorage API deprecation
  • Modernizing a plugin blog post and tutorial
    • Making a prototype visible for others to review
      • Gavin Mogan has offered Digital Ocean hosting of a prototype site
        • Better long term solution
      • Mark was just going to copy files his public web server
    • New additions to the workshop document
      • Discussed the changes and what we’ve learned
    • Plan to publish in two phases
      • Contributor topics - want to complete before December 25
      • Maintainer topics - second blog post, wait for later
    • Jean-Marc Meessen reviewing the source Google Doc, commenting

Should there not be a draft PR to with the plugin modernization tutorial?

Not yet. We’re still working through the content structure using the Google Doc for faster adaptation while Dheeraj and I are working on a branch in my fork of to package the content for a pull request. The Google Doc allows us to rapidly reorganize and modify. The changes in the GitHub repository are helping us establish the framework for the content.

I made my “plugin modernisation checklist” (WIP), discussed during the documentation office hours, available to anyone.

/- Jmm