Deploy and download artifacts to multiple artifactory servers in Jenkins freestyle job

I need to upload different artifacts that are produced by a Build to different artifactory servers.
artifact1, artifact2 → server1
artifact3 → server 2

Similarly, I want to download artifacts from different artifactory servers in same Build.
artifact1, artifact2 from server1
and artifact3 from server 2

I explored but I am unable to find any plugin or feature in Jenkins to achieve this scenario.

Please someone help me here.

Why not just use the jfrog cli from a shell command?

In the past the recommendation was to use the artifactory plugin, which I believe you can add multiple times to a freestyle job. I know you can run it multiple times in a pipeline job.

But I usually recommend shelling/bat/etc out whenever possible and not depend on jenkins plugins when not needed.

Thank you @halkeye for your response.
Yes, we are using the Artifactory plugin for our freestyle jobs. We can not add it multiple times in freestyle jobs. I am exploring for any other plugin which we can add multiple times or which has the feature to add multiple servers.
Thanks for suggesting the CLI option, will also explore it.

With any-buildstep and conditional-buildstep you could at least deploy to different repos as this combination allows to run post build steps multiple times.
If you have the artifactory under your control you could also set up a virtual repo for downloading, that exposes all things you need