Jenkins with multiple deploys in single Jenkins job

Each application has its own build job and deploy job. I want to create a Jenkin job that will deploy the applications one by one instead of going to each deploy job page. Can I create multiple deploys in a single Jenkins job?

If yes please let me know the Jenkins file structure to do that.

this is a very confusing sentence for me and i think its because our definitions don’t match.
Can you make a job that triggers other jobs? Absolutely. the “build” action in pipeline will do it. Can you make a job that does multiple things? Sure, don’t see why not, super easy to do in pipeline, and less easy to do in freestyle.

Where’s your issue? What have you tried?

Hi @halkeye thanks for sharing the info. I want to trigger the deployment jobs for all applications from single job. Is that possible ?, Since each application name is different I am not sure how to pass those application names and other parameter values while deploying.

If you could share a Jenkins job structure it would be great.


You can call other jobs using the Pipeline: Build Step.

Thanks @shadycuz. Do you know like how we can fetch the current application docker image version in Jenkins Pipeline, so that we can pass the same version while deploying the application.