Copy allure reports from docker agemt to jenkins node?


I am using docker image to execute my python automation suite (PyTest) the build is triggered in the Jenkins pipeline, the allure reports are generated inside the docker agent and I can view the reports in the workspace folder, to open the allure reports as build artefacts, we have installed the allure plugin in Jenkins node and we need to copy the report folder from docker agent to node open the allure report. we have come across about stash and unstash, can someone please guide us?

Please use agent instead of slave

Depends on what you want? do you just want to copy the artifact somewhere else? there exists plugins for that. Stash and unstash are for moving files within a job. Lots of people just use archive artifacts to save HTML files for later.

There’s also the / Allure Framework plugin but that seems to require you to disable some security features.

I think start with archiveArtifact()