Publish Test Results from S3 to Jenkins UI

Hello everyone,
I have recently setup Jenkins with the AWS Codebuild Plugin which spins up an ephemeral build agent builds a docker image, tests the docker image and archives test results to S3. Everything is working as expected and I’m able to view test results in an AWS report group… However, I’d like to display these test results in the Jenkins UI.

I have been looking for some documentation or a tutorial on how to copy those test results from S3 to the Jenkins controller so I can display the test results in Jenkins instead of having to go to AWS to view them. I was reading up on the Copy Artifact plugin and it appears that it may work… however, I wanted to quickly see if anyone could give me advice on the best way of accomplishing the task of displaying test results in Jenkins when they are stored on S3?

I greatly appreciate any advice you guys may have.

Thank you,

Johnny M

does codebuild plugin give you access to the workspace? can you just run the junit plugin? Are you just wanting to show an html file? How about the html publisher plugin?