If I have to integrate Allure and robot framework in Jenkins, then the project has to be in the custom workspace?

Jenkins setup:
Created a local project with Robot Framework.
Executed the test cases using robot command and allure generate command to generate allure reports.
But the reports are always empty.

To fix this i had to move the project into the custom workspace and then everything worked fine.

Is there a way to integrate Jenkins, Robot Framework and Allure reporting seamlessly without having to move my Robot Framework code into a custom workspace?

The normal flow of thing is that you put your sources in a SCM system like git. In your Jenkins job you check out the sources and then run whatever tool you want on your sources. That includes running things like robot and/or allure. You might need to ensure that the tools are installed on the machine and are available in the path or certain environment variables need to be set, all this can be done in Jenkins.
Don’t ask me how that has to be done in detail as I don’t use those 2 tools.

There are plugins for allure and robot framework

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Thanks for the detailed answer.
The mentioned solutions are already applied/installed.
I still am unable to view allure reports unless i specify the workspace and change the directory to the specified workspace.

Any expert on combining Jenkins, Robot Framework and allure will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: