Clicking on previous release parameters does not work

I was using jenkins version 2.91, then I could click on the previous build parameters in the release view.
Then, the parameter values ​​to be used for the build were automatically entered.

I have now upgraded my jenkins to 2.361. When I click on a previously used parameter in the release view, nothing happens.

Is this only happening to me?
Or is it a bug that hasn’t been fixed for a long time?

Can you take a screencast of what you are seeing and post it somewhere (it may not let you post here directly since you are a newer user)?

I have attached a screen capture

Ok, do you know what plugin the “Release” are comes from? I am not familiar with it.

That would be Release.

It is mainly unmaintained it seems, and I am not sure if it has fixes for tables-to-div.
We moved away and just use dedicated pipeline jobs instead.

I have been very busy last 9 days. Sorry for the late reply.
The above parameter window is that can be set through the path
[New Item > Freestyle project > Build Environment > Configure release build]
and each parameter can be added through [Add Parameter].