Plugin rollback not fixing breaking change to pipeline

Hello, I recently upgraded the parameterized-trigger-plugin from version 2.41 to 2.44. I use the environment-script-plugin to generate variables I pass to downstream jobs using the parameterized-trigger-plugin. It looks like the variable I create is no longer getting stored in the build.xml file after the upgrade which makes sense per Jenkins Security Advisory 2022-03-15. Since the value is no longer in the build.xml when I rerun my seed file any downstream jobs I try to manually trigger do not receive the parameter value, breaking code promotions to environments.

When I roll the plugin back on a local instance I’ve setup using jcasc I get the desired functionality restored. When I roll it back on my test instance that is manually configured the behavior of version 2.41 is not restored. Is there anything else besides the .jpi files in the plugins directory that needs to be changed for an effective rollback of a plugin? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.