Can't stop the build

When I press the red cross next to the running build - the page displays half-hidden dialog box asking Yes/No. Pressing Yes doesn’t do anything, and the box still stays on the screen.

It isn’t clear how to stop the build.

Version: 2.440.3

That’s a surprising result. I’ve not heard of anyone else seeing that behavior.

What version of Firefox are you running?

What screen resolution are you using?

Is there anything else about your environment that might be especially different than environments used by others?

What plugins are installed and what are their versions?

Are you using very large screen magnification factors in the web browser or using a very small screen size?

What kind of job is it? Freestyle, pipeline. Does it happen on the build history widget of the job, the dashboard where executors are shown, on the page with the console?

Any errors in the browser console?

A screenshot would be good

The screen resolution is 1920x1080.

The Firefox version: 78.11.0esr.

The environment shouldn’t be too different from other people - this is a generic Linux server with lots of CPUs and memory.

About plugins: I don’t have administrative permissions. Both {url}/pluginManager and {url}/script fail for me saying that I need administrative privileges. How can I see the list of installed plugins?

Firefox 78.11.0 esr is about 3 years old. This version is not supported anymore:
See Browser compatibility
The UI uses features that require a current browser version

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