Run button doesn´t work

I have upgraded Jenkins to version 2.440.1 and suddenly the Run button in the Build Pipeline View has stopped working. It does nothing and I can’t find a solution. Can you help me with this issue? Thank you.


Jenkins setup:
Jenkins 2.440.1
JDK 11
CentOS 7.9

The build Pipeline plugin 2.0.1 requires Prototype.js. Jenkins 2.426.1 and later have removed Prototype.js. That problem is reported in a Jenkins Jira issue.

A new release of the build Pipeline plugin is needed in order to remove its requirement for Prototype.js. A pull request is already available that removes Prototype.js from the build Pipeline plugin.

The build Pipeline plugin needs a new maintainer. The current maintainer no longer uses the plugin.

If the plugin is important to you and your organization, you should persuade your organization to allow you a few hours a month to adopt the plugin, improve the plugin, and release the plugin. One of the first improvements to release would be that pull request.

If you are unable to adopt the plugin, you could install the build of that pull request, confirm that it fixes the issue for you, and comment on the pull request that the pull request fixes the issue.

As a reminder, the Jenkins project stopped supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and its derivatives like CentOS in November 2023. Red Hat will stop providing public support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 after June 2024. You should plan to replace your operating system soon.

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