Canned Responses

Hey everyone

I’ve created two canned responses and allowed anyone to use them. It’s a site-wide toggle but I don’t see any reason why only specific users can use them.

Feel free to suggest updates or suggest other new ones. Heck, feel free to try them out on this post.

Slave Usage:

More Information:


wrt: “Slave Usage”, while “slave” seems to the the most prominently used inappropriate term, would it be appropriate to genericise/expand the canned response to include the use of terms “master” (controller and branch context), “whitelist” and “blacklist”, etc.?

per: Jenkins Terminology Changes and Cloudbees Continuous Improvement To Maintain A Culture of Continuous Respect


I’ll admit, because its less of a drastic change, and the big admin notice for master => builtin, its been an issue less, or I noticed it less, So I hadn’t thought about it.

I’ll gladly add one if you want to draft one up (even if its just copy and paste mine) and that’ll probably help me remember to do it.