Can I prevent Jenkins from clearing the workspace on a SVN error?

Hey folks… sometimes things go wrong with a SVN checkout (or other issue) and usually Jenkins wants to blow away the entire workspace and start fresh. I get the logic, however my project takes about 2 hours to check out, and then about 3-4 hours to import into Unity. I’d much rather manually fix the problem when it arises. Any way to disable this functionality?

Hello @Matt and welcome to this community. :wave:

In Jenkins, the behavior you’re describing is part of the default settings for Jenkins pipelines, where Jenkins cleans the workspace by default before starting a new build. :person_shrugging:
This is often the desired behaviour to ensure a clean and reproducible build environment. However, I think you can adjust these settings to meet your specific requirements.

Is that “Delete workspace before build starts” checked on your pipeline configuration?

Thanks, but the “Delete before build starts” is not the issue. It appears to be in the SVN module. If any problem is detected during the checkout process, say a file is locked, then Jenkins clears the entire workspace and does a fresh checkout. This results in a 6 hour ordeal rather than the 15 seconds it would take for me to manually fix the checkout. I don’t see an option anywhere to change this behavior, but I could be missing it.

I don’t know either then, sorry.
Hopefully, someone more knowledgeable will chime in… or you could open an issue on the plugin JIRA