Can 1087.v16065d268466 be installed on 2.319.3

After update of a plugin, I saw a message like the following:

Credentials Plugin (1111.v35a_307992395)
Jenkins (2.340) or higher required

So, I would like to know if : 1087.v16065d268466
( )

Can be installed on Jenkins 2.319.3 version which is what I have

In other words, I can’t see where it says which version of Jenkins is required for a particular version of a plugin.

Appreciate if you can provide some insight

You can look at the pom.xml for a given tag, but update center is supposed to give you the latest version your jenkins version supports.

According to the PRs mentioned in the release notes, 1105 updates the requirement to 2.340

1087’s changelog has “Update Jenkins baseline to 2.319.x (#291)” which is probably the last one you can install on 3.319

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