Upgrading Jenkins from 2.346.2 to 2.426.3 , plugin compatibility matrix

Hello Team,
We have Jenkins installed as package manager on Ubuntu 9 and current version of Jenkins is [Jenkins 2.346.2 and we are targeting to upgrade the controller to 2.426.3 LTS. We have gone through all the Release Notes and it looks feasible for us.

Current Setup

Plugin Version
pipeline-stage-step 305.ve96d0205c1c6
audit-trail 3.11
blueocean-events 1.26.0
artifact-promotion 0.5.2
pipeline-input-step 449.v77f0e8b_845c4
basic-branch-build-strategies 1.3.2
prometheus 2.0.11
build-name-setter 2.2.0
backup 1.6.1
caffeine-api 2.9.3-65.v6a_47d0f4d1fe
github 1.34.4
blueocean-pipeline-editor 1.26.0
workflow-durable-task-step 1190.vc93d7d457042
junit 1119.1121.vc43d0fc45561
workflow-support 839.v35e2736cfd5c
favorite 2.4.1
violations 0.7.11
blueocean-dashboard 1.26.0
pipeline-milestone-step 101.vd572fef9d926
workflow-api 1192.v2d0deb_19d212
antisamy-markup-formatter 2.7
jackson2-api 2.14.2-319.v37853346a_229
run-condition 1.5
popper2-api 2.11.5-2
echarts-api 5.3.3-1
workflow-step-api 639.v6eca_cd8c04a_a_
ace-editor 1.1
font-awesome-api 6.1.2-1
pipeline-stage-view 2.24
copyartifact 1.46.4
branch-api 2.1046.v0ca_37783ecc5
pam-auth 1.8
handlebars 3.0.8
token-macro 293.v283932a_0a_b_49
jobcacher 331.vf7a_876f801d0
bootstrap5-api 5.1.3-7
mina-sshd-api-common 2.8.0-30.vf9df64641cb_d
blueocean-bitbucket-pipeline 1.26.0
blueocean-autofavorite 1.2.5
translation 1.16
prism-api 1.28.0-2
ws-cleanup 0.43
build-with-parameters 76.v9382db_f78962
docker-build-step 2.8
sse-gateway 1.25
jenkins-design-language 1.26.0
jaxb 2.3.7-1
jakarta-mail-api 2.0.0-6
bootstrap4-api 4.6.0-5
dependency-track 4.2.0
resource-disposer 0.19
handy-uri-templates-2-api 2.1.8-22.v77d5b_75e6953
commons-text-api 1.9-19.v8df45c678366
slack 616.v03b_1e98d13dd
disable-github-multibranch-status 1.2
pipeline-github-lib 38.v445716ea_edda_
variant 59.vf075fe829ccb
workflow-cps 2746.v0da_83a_332669
groovy 457.v99900cb_85593
blueocean-core-js 1.26.0
blueocean-personalization 1.26.0
git 4.11.3
cloudbees-disk-usage-simple 0.10
github-oauth 0.39
docker-workflow 1.29
javax-activation-api 1.2.0-5
jquery-detached 1.2.1
pipeline-groovy-lib 593.va_a_fc25d520e9
git-client 3.11.0
conditional-buildstep 1.4.2
git-server 1.11
support-core 1241.v32a_39d7032e5
github-scm-trait-notification-context 1.1
subversion 2.15.5
maven-plugin 3.19
blueocean-rest 1.26.0
windows-slaves 1.8.1
popper-api 1.16.1-3
scm-api 608.vfa_f971c5a_a_e9
uno-choice 2.6.3
docker-commons 1.19
blueocean-web 1.26.0
embeddable-build-status 237.v37e2c03964c9
trilead-api 1.67.vc3938a_35172f
pubsub-light 1.16
durable-task 496.va67c6f9eefa7
ssh-credentials 291.v8211e4f8efb_c
jobConfigHistory 1176.v1b_4290db_41a_5
github-api 1.303-400.v35c2d8258028
artifactory 3.17.0
javax-mail-api 1.6.2-7
lockable-resources 2.15
sshd 3.242.va_db_9da_b_26a_c3
vagrant 1.0.2
xtrigger-api 0.4
workflow-aggregator 590.v6a_d052e5a_a_b_5
ant 475.vf34069fef73c
plugin-util-api 2.17.0
parameterized-trigger 2.45
extended-read-permission 3.2
mailer 435.v79ef3972b_5c7
workflow-multibranch 716.vc692a_e52371b_
blueocean-github-pipeline 1.26.0
ssh-agent 295.v9ca_a_1c7cc3a_a_
workflow-cps-global-lib 588.v576c103a_ff86
mercurial 2.16.2
email-ext 2.90
external-monitor-job 191.v363d0d1efdf8
pipeline-graph-analysis 195.v5812d95a_a_2f9
apache-httpcomponents-client-4-api 4.5.13-1.0
workflow-scm-step 408.v7d5b_135a_b_d49
pipeline-github 2.8-138.d766e30bb08b
blueocean-display-url 2.4.1
jquery3-api 3.6.0-4
credentials 1139.veb_9579fca_33b_
commons-lang3-api 3.12.0-36.vd97de6465d5b_
tap 2.3
jakarta-activation-api 2.0.0-3
theme-manager 1.6
blueocean-pipeline-scm-api 1.26.0
config-file-provider 3.11.1
parameterized-scheduler 1.0
script-security 1175.v4b_d517d6db_f0
plain-credentials 1.8
display-url-api 2.3.6
icon-shim 3.0.0
blueocean 1.26.0
git-forensics 1.9.0
matrix-project 772.v494f19991984
ivy 2.2
pipeline-model-declarative-agent 1.1.1
violation-columns 1.6
workflow-job 1207.ve6191ff089f8
checks-api 1.7.4
cloudbees-folder 6.729.v2b_9d1a_74d673
envinject-api 1.199.v3ce31253ed13
blueocean-config 1.26.0
javadoc 217.v905b_86277a_2a_
cvs 2.19.1
data-tables-api 1.12.1-2
github-organization-folder 1.6
pipeline-utility-steps 2.13.0
blueocean-pipeline-api-impl 1.26.0
saml 2.298.vc7a_2b_3958628
docker-custom-build-environment 1.7.3
command-launcher 84.v4a_97f2027398
ldap 2.10
blueocean-jwt 1.26.0
snakeyaml-api 1.33-90.v80dcb_3814d35
momentjs 1.1.1
saltstack 3.2.2
jira 3.7.1
blueocean-git-pipeline 1.26.0
blueocean-executor-info 1.26.0
blueocean-commons 1.26.0
warnings-ng 9.14.0
matrix-auth 3.1.5
authentication-tokens 1.4
instant-messaging 1.50
jjwt-api 0.11.5-77.v646c772fddb_0
credentials-binding 523.vd859a_4b_122e6
ssh-slaves 1.834.v622da_57f702c
forensics-api 1.15.1
analysis-core 1.96
jersey2-api 2.36-2
gradle 1.39.4
github-checks 1.0.18
timestamper 1.18
cobertura 1.17
promoted-builds 878.v12d3f7937690
pipeline-build-step 2.18
thinBackup 1.15
ansicolor 1.0.1
bouncycastle-api 2.26
pipeline-model-api 2.2114.v2654ca_721309
pipeline-stage-tags-metadata 2.2114.v2654ca_721309
conventional-commits 0.11.2
dashboard-view 2.432.va_712ce35862d
code-coverage-api 3.0.4
htmlpublisher 1.30
pipeline-model-definition 2.2114.v2654ca_721309
urltrigger 1.02
chroot 0.1.4
pipeline-rest-api 2.24
blueocean-rest-impl 1.26.0
mina-sshd-api-core 2.8.0-30.vf9df64641cb_d
build-user-vars-plugin 1.8
github-branch-source 1677.v731f745ea_0cf
dark-theme 262.v0202a_4c8fb_6a
pipeline-model-extensions 2.2114.v2654ca_721309
blueocean-i18n 1.26.0
structs 324.va_f5d6774f3a_d
plugin-usage-plugin 3.0
cloudbees-bitbucket-branch-source 773.v4b_9b_005b_562b_
docker-build-publish 1.3.3
workflow-basic-steps 980.v82219a_ed188e
jdk-tool 1.5
okhttp-api 4.9.3-105.vb96869f8ac3a
jnr-posix-api 3.1.15-1
blueocean-jira 1.25.5
ionicons-api 31.v4757b_6987003
We have fetched the current plugin list from 2.346.2, is there any way we can fetch the compatible version of plugins with 2.426.3

We have fetched the current plugin list from 2.346.2, is there any way we can fetch the compatible version of plugins with 2.426.3

the only way I know to pre-fetch plug-ins is:
go plug-in by plug-in looking for the latest,
build a sandbox server and load in all those plug-ins, make an archive file of the <JENKINS_HOME>/plugins folder and send that to your target machine

When I made a similar core upgrade, upgrade everything to “highest compatible” at the current core version. Upgrade the Core Jenkins to 2.426.3. then go back in and upgrade the plug ins again… This is a great time to weed the garden too, of plugins that are deprecated, unsupported, or not needed. I definitely weeded for a while, deactivating plugins for a few months before deleting them entirely.

Stability of the plug ins isn’t really necessary at startup. In my experienced the AD authentication was an exception, but even that can be worked around with some research and server access.

The Plugin UI with the more recent Cores is much better than 2.346, both in installing, rollbacks, and deactivate/reactivate.


One thing to consider is that the update site from jenkins only serves information for LTS version that are not older than about 1 year. At the moment the oldest LTS is 2.387.1
So in case you look in the UI of an older Jenkins it might tell you that there are plugins which are not compatible with your Jenkins.


Thank you so much all, this thread can be closed