Building C++ pipeline

Hi Team,

Plz guide me to build, test and deploy c++ pipeline using Jenkins.

Thanks, actually on 1st level i need to build my c++ code through nmake via jenkins but i am unable to find any plugins w.r.t nmake, cmake is available but it’s not applicable for out app. it would be great if some alternative is provided for building code.

you don’t need a plugin, just install nmake however you normally would, then run a shell/bat step and call nmake.


Please check below and respond.

  1. As my SCM is over SVN hence i have installed subversion plugin and mentioned svn repo url and user credentials but while building job it’s unable to connect to SVN repo, below is extract of trace.

Checking out at revision ‘2022-03-10T07:51:29.350 +0000’ --quiet

ERROR: Failed to check out org.tmatesoft.svn.core.SVNException: svn: E175002: timed out waiting for server

  1. is it possible to mention .sh file under build execute shell and build c++ code?

Yes. Works great for platforms that have sh or one of its many variants like bash and ksh.

Won’t work for platforms that don’t have sh (like Windows). In that case, use bat or powershell scripts instead of sh.